The Minor Adjustments



 We are committed to giving and offering community and correctional institutions, law-enforcement agencies, rehabilitation centers, and youth groups the opportunities to have this program in their facilities. 

We are a community base service provider. Who believe we can achieve greater results as a TEAM rather than as individuals. Therefore we work with the communities in a collaborative effort to prevent and reduce crime and drug addiction!

We are actively seeking to build our Collaborative Partnerships, to teach life skills, motivation, and productive living and recovery, we are aiming to help with Rehabilitation and reentry for former and current prisoners!!! 

We are dedicated to preventing and reducing crimes, our aim is to serve all the underserved and underprivileged across America, so that they may be empowered to reach their destiny!! 

  If you would like to have "The Minor Adjustments Program" in your facility, or in your community, please get in touch with us by going to our contact page.



The Minor Adjustments Program is a 8 week course, (one session per week) we need 60 minutes to go over 2 - parts. During that time the facilitator and the clients will go over “The Minor Adjustments WorkBook" that will help strengthen, and build up their confidence and give them hope. The purpose of this workbook is to teach you how to ‘Allow Your Past to Push You Into Your Destiny’ it’s our aim to try and take the brokenness that people sometimes feel or have inside due to being in incarcerated or in rehabilitation and use it to push them into something greater!

At the end of the 8 week course we will present all clients with a Certificate of Completion & Bracelets, to help build them back up by showing them that it's not too late and that they can still accomplish things in life!  

It doesn't matter where you are we'll come to you!

About one of the founders?

Author Michael L. Williams Jr. decided at the age of 16 that he would become a drug dealer, but never had he anticipated that he would become a slave to those same drugs and find himself in and out of prison and rehab for the next two decades. Williams says he partly turned to drugs out of rebellion and resentment against his parents, who had their own substance abuse problem.

But once they got clean, after years of being absent at home, they suddenly started doing what they should have been doing from the start – being parents to their four children, a task they had instead left to him. Williams has two younger brothers and a sister who is one year his senior.

"While my parents were out there doing what they were doing, I had to take care of my siblings," he told The Christian Post. "When my mom and father didn't come home and my brothers and sister needed to go to school or they needed something to eat, I had to somehow figure out how to make a meal out of what we had in our home."Fending full time for his three siblings meant the Atlantic City native had to act like a man when he was still just a boy.

But Williams, 41, doesn't blame his parents for the addiction that eventually ruled his life for 22 years. He also chalks it up to the environment of the projects where he was raised and his own conscious decision to deal drugs.

 "I was so affected by watching them do what they (his parents) did, and then the neighborhood I was living in. In the projects in Atlantic City, all they did was rob, steal ... that's all I really knew, I just knew street life. And I thought that that's the way it should be," he said.

While he had no real intention of using drugs himself, at 16 Williams was quite certain he would be selling them. As a result, he spent the next 20 years in and out of jail and rehab and being shunned by his family, from whom he used to steal to feed his addiction to crack cocaine.

 Nowadays, however,Williams who is married lives in Vineland, N.J., he shares his story in the book Pushed Out the Crack House Into God's House: How to Allow Your Past to Push You Into Your Destiny. He is an author of 5 - books and He and His wife founded 'The Minor Adjustments Program' in 2013 with hopes of giving back to the community and society that he once stole from, Mr. & Mrs. Williams are looking to have this program active in all facilities worldwide, they are focused on helping those organizations that has a heart to see another man or woman life change for the better!