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A Glimpse of What We Do

Our unwavering commitment lies in providing community and correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies, rehabilitation centers, and youth groups with the invaluable opportunity to implement this program within their facilities. Our primary focus is on prevention and educating individuals grappling with substance use disorder or pursuing criminal lifestyles.

How We Change Lives at Minor Adjustments Group, Inc.


The Minor Adjustments Program offers an 8-week course, with one session scheduled per week. Each session requires approximately 60 minutes to cover two parts of the program. Throughout this time, the facilitator and clients will engage with "The Minor Adjustments Work Book" to enhance self-assurance, provide encouragement, and foster hope. This workbook focuses on teaching individuals how to utilize their past experiences as a catalyst to propel them toward a brighter future. We aim to harness the brokenness that may arise from incarceration or rehabilitation and channel it towards achieving greater things.

Upon completion of the 8-week course, all participants will receive a Certificate of Completion and Bracelets as symbols of their progress and potential for personal growth. These tokens serve as a reminder that regardless of past setbacks, it is never too late to accomplish meaningful goals in life.

About the founders

Michael and Lernell Williams are highly sought-after program facilitators known for their expertise in helping individuals recover from drug abuse and criminal lifestyles. Michael's journey of overcoming substance use disorder makes his speeches and inspirational stories immensely powerful, motivating millions to make extraordinary changes in their lives. He is also a minister, a ten-time published author, a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, a National Certified Recovery Coach, and one of the founders of the Minor Adjustments Program.

Mr. Williams' primary purpose is to be the change he wants to see within his community. His wife, Mrs. Lernell Williams, brings 10 years of experience as a licensed nurse to their work. Her passion for helping others led her to choose professions focused on caring for people, including Pediatrics, Gerontology, Infectious Disease, and Addiction.

At the Minor Adjustments Program, we are dedicated to providing community and correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies, rehabilitation centers, and youth groups with the opportunity to benefit from our program. As a community-based service provider, we firmly believe we can achieve greater results by working together as a team rather than as individuals. We collaborate closely with communities to prevent and reduce crime and drug addiction.

Building collaborative partnerships is an active goal for us. We aim to teach life skills, motivation, and productive living while assisting with rehabilitation and reentry for former and current prisoners. If you are interested in having "The Minor Adjustments Program" in your facility or community, please contact us. We would be delighted to connect with you.

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The Minor Adjustments Workbook

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