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Go Beyond the Bible

We provide online Bible courses designed to deepen your understanding of God’s Word, emphasizing both deliverance and healing.

Conquer Challenges and Grow

Live your best life with guidance and support from Minor Adjustments Group, Inc. We offer online Bible courses to help you understand God’s word. Contact us to sign up or ask about our classes.

Master Bible Study: Learn how to defeat all your GIANTS.

In order to maximize your God-Ordained PURPOSE you will have to DEFEAT some Giants!

4.8-Star Rating (8 Ratings) 2,104 students

Created by Michael L. Williams, Jr.

Last updated 2/2021


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Master Bible Devotions: Learn to dive deeper into God’s Word

Do you want to grow ever closer to God – pressing into Him so He makes the deepest impression on you?

4.6-Star Rating (6 ratings) 147 students

39-minute of on-demand video

Created by Michael L. Williams, Jr.


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If you are in bondage to something and it seems that you can’t overcome it, then this plan was designed with you in mind. Michael Williams Jr. was in bondage to drugs for 22 years, then one day he totally surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit then led him to make some “Minor Adjustments,” which he recorded with the hope that it’ll help you in your deliverance.


Do you wake up every day not wanting to just exist, but wanting to live on purpose?

Do you wholeheartedly want to please God, but knowing that you struggle in a particular area you don’t feel worthy to do what God has called you to do?

Learn from author Michael L. Williams Jr. that the things you struggle with are the only things powerful enough to ignite your purpose!

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